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You will not believe this!

2010-03-09 00:57:23 by kudothehare

I was playing around with the destiny generator and it came up with this. Please have a good laugh... I know I did!

You will not believe this!

I have...

2010-03-05 21:49:48 by kudothehare

Been starting to make some artworks and I'm trying to improve my style. I'm also awaiting my music to pass, seeing as it is my first two songs and I happened to upload them at the same time.

... Oh yea, I hope you like awesome face shadow. Made him myself with MS Paint! BOO YA!

I have...


2010-02-15 21:43:21 by kudothehare

I have a laptop now. (yay) Although not the exact one that I wanted but it will suffice. I will come up with some animations when I get the time to and maybe join in a collab or two. Anyway expect great... and sometimes horrible.... things in the, hopefully, near future.

Hello all!

2010-01-19 11:57:17 by kudothehare

A friend of mine on here told me to make some sort of update so this does not look like a dead account, and I'm not that good on this kind of stuff but here goes...

I will soon be getting a touch screen laptop (Awesome) and will be making flashes very soon. I am currently working on five games, six books, and I work as a security guard.

Oh on a funny note: there was a bomb threat made on my facility and it was a guy that made the same baseless threats fifty times before. He also gave his name, address and phone number before making the threat. Now he's in jail :D. That is epic fail on all accounts. Anyway, I'll make more updates later. (After I get my laptop YAY!)